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Mukono District Local Govenment
About 59% of people in Mukono are involved in agricultural based and related enterprises. Vegetables, maize, beans, banana, coffee and cocoa are commonly grown because of the high market availability.

Table showing food crop productivity in Mukono

Crops Acreage Expected Yields (Tons) Ideal Productivity (tons per acre) Present Productivity (tons per acre) Production Variance (Tons)
Maize 7,513.5 10,999 1.4 - 1.8 1.46 2,525.3
Beans 10,165 17,680.4 1.5 - 2 1.74 2,650
Banana 919 4,205 16 4.6 10,499
Coffee (Dry Kiboko) 38,648 26,280.7 2.25 0.68 60677
Vegetables (Assorted) 383.2 1,776.5 10 4.6 2,055
Cocoa 3,395 3,395 1.2 1 679

As a result of increased rural-urban migration has increased on the pressure available arable land. Most of the land is being used for settlement, as a result most farmers have adopted the intensive farming systems. Partial commercial agriculture exists with farmers like tea estates
sugarcane. A number of model farms like Del Agro Business Enterprise Limited, Makmat farm enterprise have cropped up. These offer a number of opportunities such as employment, demonstration of improved agricultural activities, training and research of students in support of academic institutions within and around Mukono.

Farmers still face the same challenges like reducing soil fertility, pests and diseases, natural disasters, price market fluctuations. A number of concerted efforts and strategies have been developed by the District Authorities to address the challenges.

In collaboration with the research institutions and Universities; a lot of research has been done to address to develop technologies to improve soil fertility and hence production, farming methods and technologies that are resilient to adverse effects of climate change. Plant Clinics have been held in four (4) sub counties; Kasawo, Ntunda, Nakifuma and Mukono Municipal to sensitize farmers on the different pests and disease challenges. Markets like Bona Balye and the Mukono- Wakiso Earth markets are market opportunities provided to support farmers.

Through the Operation Wealth Program and Luweero-Rwenzururu programs, the District has also been able to provide improved and fast growing seeds.