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Mukono District Local Govenment

Fishing Activities

Mukono covers over 3000kms of  Lake Victoria where most lucrative fishing activities occur. This is the third largest economic activity in the district.
To date a big number of fish processing industries in Kampala are fed by fish from Mukono

Fishing is mainly carried out on the island of Koome Sub-County which is composed of 11 small islands. 4 sub-counties border Lake Victoria. Katosi is used as the major landing site on the mainland.
Fish production in Mukono is estimated at 450 tonnes and 270 tonnes per month for Nile Perch and Tilapia respectively. There are 140 ponds in the entire district covering on estimated 84,000 square metres. About 5.6 tonnes of farmed Tilapia and Catfish are produced annually.

In the past five years, fish catches have dropped by about 60% owing to the increased fishing malpractices. This has a result increased the price of fish per kilogram. This has reduced purchasing power and thus poor nutrition.

The main crops grown on the islands are matooke, cassava, potatoes, yams and most recently upland rice. These are produced in small quantities that they cannot meet the demand of the entire island population. Additional food stuffs are purchased from other areas and transported to the islands which also become expensive due to the high transportation costs involved.