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Mukono District Local Govenment

Investment & Trade Opportunities in Mukono District

With a growing population, investment and trade areas include;

  • Real estate - A number of real estate and housing companies like Jomayi, Canaan Sites have are heavily engaged in construction of houses. These would host a number of people working in Mukono, Kampala and other neighboring districts
  • Agricultural production provides opportunities for agro-based processing industries. This also creates employment for the youth along the agricultural value chain, development and increase in the export and thus the Gross Domestic Product
  • An inland depot has been constructed at Kyetume that would ease transportation of goods to and from Mukono to different Destinations
  • Tourism remains the biggest area untapped, yet Mukono is endowed with a number of Tourist attractions. These include; features, historical sites and records in particular for the Buganda Kingdom, Agricultural Tourism among others.