Community Based

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Mukono District Local Govenment
Overall Objectives
To empower communities to individually and collectively participate in grass root social interventions
Specific Objectives
  • To build the capacity of the communities through mobilization and sensitization to enable them actively participate in programmes.
  • To empower the marginalized and vulnerable groups through functional adult literacy to participate fully as equal partners in development programmes.
  • To mobilize the people to initiate micro projects for IGAs.
  • To network & coordinate with other government departments and NGOS engaged in different development programmes
Community based services
The Directorate comprises of 7 departments listed below and are headed by 5 officers
  • Community Development Department
  • Rehabilitation Department (Disability and Elderly)
  • Gender Department
  • Probation and Social Welfare Department
  • Youth Department
  • Culture Department
  • Labour Department    
The vulnerable groups of the population like the elderly, youth, and women contribute 24%, 27 %, & 49% to the district population respectively as per population figures