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Mukono District Local Govenment

Tourism in Mukono District

There are a number of tourist attractions in Mukono which include
  1. Ssezibwa River Falls on Wakiso Hill
  2. The Biodiversity in Mukono’s forest and four reserves is very impressing. Among the image buttressed trees and tangled reflection you find habitats of thousands of forest species in the Mabira forest. This is one of the biggest Eco tourism attraction in Uganda located about 306 square km of land. 113 from here that 312 flora, 315 birds, 218 butterflies, 97 moth and 23 small mammals and only remaining facility of this nature that can be found 30 minutes out of the capital city in the East and Central Africa region.
  3. Ngaba Islands, in Koome Sub County, is home to the Ngabo Island Chimpanzees. It was established in 1988 to care for orphaned and confiscated chimpanzees. They are two such sanctuaries in Africa the other being Cameroon. From Mukono, its one hour’s drive on traditional motorized boat and faster on a speed boat. It’s also about 30 minutes from Entebbe, just south of the Equator.
  4. Culture Tourism
    • Ssaza Kyaggwe headquarters - The administrative unit under Buganda Kingdom. Ssaza Kyaggwe covers both Mukono and Buikwe Districts headed by Ssekiboobo a representative appointed by the Kabaka.
    • Polish Graves - These families lived in Uganda between 1942-1951; they are believed to have come to Uganda due to the Second World war in Europe Sir Edward Muteesa II granted them this land in Mpunge Sub County, Mukono District. Many died due to diseases, crocodiles and torture. They were buried in Mpunge, the Polish community rebuilt the graves and set up a memorial. It’s regularly visited due to its priceless contributions and remembrance.
    • Mpoma Monument - It is marked in memory of the freedom fighters who participated in the NRM/NRA struggle under the Mwanga unit; 267 skull of un known fallen heroes are buried in this place. This is not a case of the unknownsoldiers unknown soldier’s grave but that of the Grave that perished during the 1981-1986 liberation of war.
    • St Ponsiano Ngondwe - Known for being the youngest Christian martyrs ever killed, The November 17th – 18th dates are set every year to remember his full commitment to spreading the catholic faith.
  5. Festino - Site holds annual Uganda rally championship competitions