Production & Marketing

Vision: Poverty eradication through a profitable, competitive, sustainable and dynamic agricultural and agro industrial sector

Mission: Transforming the subsistence Agricultural sector to a commercial and self-sustaining sector


  • Promote delivery of quality agricultural extension services, use of proven planting materials/high value crops, ensure improved household incomes and effective disease / pest management and control
  • To control tsetse fly infestations in order to protect humans and livestock from trypanosomiasis disease
  • To promote and develop apiculture an income generating activity for households
  • To ensure effective service delivery through engagement in commercially viable enterprises
  • To promote livestock productivity through use of sustainable livestock production practices and effective disease control
  • To promote tourist opportunities, conserve and manage the wildlife and protect crops and man against vermin and injurious animals
  • To ensure sustainable and proper exploitation of the fishery resource, propagate fish farming and reduce post-harvest loss
  • To maintain the standards for export in the lake and at the landing site
Key Activities